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=== Infrastructure ===
*'''[[Predictive Maintenance|Predictive maintenance]]''': The increased weather extremes associated with climate change can create increased stresses on physical infrastructure, like roads and power lines. Machine learning can support targeted, just-in-time maintenance by isolating components at risk of near-term failure.
*'''Risk and vulnerability assessment''': Better knowledge of where and on what time scale impacts will be felt can support prioritization of resources for societal adaptation.
===Societal Systems===
*'''[[FoodMonitoring Security|Foodfood security]]supplies''': By affecting rainfall and the timing of growing seasons, climate change poses a risk to food security. Machine learning can support information gathering around food supply chains, providing early warnings about -- and triggering preventative action around -- famines.
*'''[[Public Health|Public health]]''': Climate change can increase the range of vector-borne disease and exacerbate the severity and frequency of heatwaves. Both pose public health hazards, and machine learning can support risk assessment and outreach to vulnerable populations.
=== Crisis ===
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