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*[[Electricity Supply and Demand Forecasting|Supply and demand forecasting]]
* Improving [[Power System Optimization|power system optimization]]
*Improving [[Power System Planning|system planning]]
*Informing [[Maximum Power Point Tracking|maximum power point tracking]]
*[[Accelerated Science|Accelerated science]] for clean energy technologies]]
*Informing [[Nuclear Fusion|Informing nuclear fusion science]] research
=== Reducing current-system impacts ===
*[[Methane Leak Detection|Methane leak detection]]
*[[Power ModelingGrid powerEmissions Modeling|Power grid emissions modeling]]
=== General-purpose applications ===
*[[Energy Infrastructure Mapping|Energy infrastructure mapping]]
*[[Predictive Maintenance|Predictive maintenance and fault detection]]
*[[Power System State Estimation|State estimation]]
== Background Readings ==
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