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*[[Electricity Supply and Demand Forecasting|Electricity supply and demand forecasting]]
* Improving power system optimization
*[[Accelerated Materials Science|Accelerated materials science]] for clean energy technologies
* Optimizing variable generators
* System planning for clean energy technologies
*[[Nuclear Fusion|Accelerating nuclear fusion science]]
* Predictive maintenance and fault detection
* Accelerating nuclear fusion science
=== Reducing current-system impacts ===
*[[Methane Leak Detection|Methane leak detection]]
* Modeling power grid emissions
=== Additional areas ===
* Data collection via [[Remote Sensing|remote sensing]]
* Predictive maintenance and fault detection
== Background Readings ==
*'''Greening the Grid toolkit''': A collection of readings, trainings, and other resources on power grids, renewable energy, energy storage, and electric vehicles. Available [https://greeningthegrid.org/toolkits here].
* '''"Nuclear fusion" in Nature Physics''': A collection of articles on the state of nuclear fusion research. Available [https://www.nature.com/collections/bccqhmkbyw/ here].
== Online Courses and Course Materials ==
=== Other ===
* '''[[Accelerated Materials Science Datasets|Accelerated materials science datasets]]:''' Datasets that may be useful for research on solar fuels, next-generation battery conducting fluids, or other accelerated materials science applications in the electricity sector.
* '''[[Remote Sensing Datasets|Satellite imagery datasets]]:''' Datasets that may be useful for applications such as power plant emissions detection, power grid mapping, solar panel mapping, etc.
*'''Project Sunroof by Google''': Detailed estimates of rooftop solar potential based on sunlight and roof space, available [https://www.google.com/get/sunroof/data-explorer/ here].
*'''Copernicus global methane data''': Dataset on global methane emissions from 2002 onwards from the European Space Agency, available [https://cds.climate.copernicus.eu/cdsapp#!/dataset/satellite-methane?tab=overview here].
== References ==
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