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== Short Bio ==
Ph.D. student at TU Berlin. Research interest in AI for the energy system with a focus on smart meter data analysis. Member of the CCAI core team responsible for the CCAI Wiki.
At the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (DAI-Lab), I have coordinated and worked on several research projects investigating how digitization and AI can support the energy transition. Within those projects, I have been modeling, forecasting, and optimizing different demand-side processes such as electric vehicles, smart building- and smart home loads, and renewable generation. I have coordinated the research group Smart Energy Systems, where I was responsible for aligning the DAI research for solutions for the energy system. I have co-supervised several Seminar, Bachelor and Master theses and project-based courses, mostly in applied machine learning for energy data, hoping to inspire more students to work in the field.
Find out more on my [ CCAI Directory page]!
In my doctoral research at TU Berlin, I work on analyzing low voltage-level smart meter data using non-Euclidean distance measures and neural networks with applications in load forecasting and load profile clustering.
== Application Areas ==