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The aim of this wiki is to help foster impactful research to tackle the climate crisischange, by identifying problemsareas wherefor ML can bea useful. Thisimplementation wikiof ismachine maintainedlearning and moderated by members of [https://www.climatechange.ai/about CCAI](ML).
The scope of machine learning solutions to address the climate crisischange goes far beyond the intersection we address here;. the problems ofTackling climate change requirerequires cooperation between diverse stakeholders, domain scientists, and action in many forms. Whether you are a machine learning researcher looking to apply your skills to combat climate change, or aan youngearly career researcher aiming to have a meaningful impact in your career, or a practitioner in one of thesethe domain science areas looking to apply ML to your problem, or for any other reason you are interested in the intersection of climate change and ML, we hope these pages can help inform and facilitate your research!
We welcome your contributions and feedback! SeeThis editingwiki guidelinesis maintained and moderated by members of [[Guidelines|here]https://www.climatechange.ai/about CCAI].
See '''[[Contributing_to_the_CCAI_Wiki|guide on contributing to the CCAI Wiki]]'''. Feel free to start suggesting changes to any of the following pages!
If you would like to discuss your ideas for additional pages or gain moderator privileges, feel free to reach out to CCAI at [mailto:wiki@climatechange.ai wiki@climatechange.ai].
=== Quick start ===
* [[General Resources]] page
* [https://arxiv.org/abs/1906.05433 Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning] review paper or explore its [https://www.climatechange.ai/summaries interactive summary]!
* Explore the [https://www.climatechange.ai/papers Climate Change AI Workshop papers]
=== Topics by Application Area===
*[[Climate Science|Climate science]]
*[[Climate Change Adaptation|Climate change adaptation]]
*[[Solar Geoengineering|Solar geoengineering]]
====Climate science====
*[[Climate_Modeling_and_Analysis|Climate modeling and analysis]]
*[[Weather prediction|Weather forecasting]]
====Tools for Action====
*[[Public Policy and Decision Science|Public policy and decision science]]
*[[Climate and Environmental Economics|Climate and environmental economics]]
*[[Climate Finance|Climate finance]]