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Restructured lists of main page to explicitly organize by Application area, Cross-cutting theme, and ML area
(Restructured lists of main page to explicitly organize by Application area, Cross-cutting theme, and ML area)
=== General resources ===
*[[General Resources]] page
*[https://arxiv.org/abs/1906.05433 Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning] review paper
=== Topics organized by Application Area ===
=== Mitigation ===
Here pages are organized by the field or area which studies an area to which ML can be applied. ''Mitigation'' is preventing or reducing the effects of climate change, while ''Adaptation'' is changing (technology, society, or other systems) to deal with the effects of climate change. ''Social Impacts & Tools for Action'' refer to fields which study the problems of climate change at a meta-level, describing and quantifying effects and suggesting concrete ways to make change.
==== Mitigation ====
*[[Electricity Systems|Electricity systems]]
*[[Negative Emissions Technologies|CO2 removal and negative emissions technologies]]
==== Adaptation ====
*[[Climate Science|Climate science]]
*[[Solar Geoengineering|Solar geoengineering]]
==== Social Impacts & Tools for Action ====
*[[Public Policy and Decision Science|Public policy and decision science]]
*[[Climate Finance|Climate finance]]
*[[Tools for Individuals|Tools for individuals]]
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=== Topics organized by Cross-cutting Theme ===
Here pages are organized by some cross-cutting themes or research problems we have identified as having potential impacts for many of the application areas identified above.
* [[Accelerated science]]
* [[Remote Sensing]]
* [[Predictive Maintenance]]
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=== Topics organized by Machine Learning Area ===
Here pages are organized by the area or type of machine learning research. If you are an ML researcher in one of these areas, this provides a quick way to see which problems of climate change potentially best align with your expertise.
* [[Causal inference]]
* [[Computer vision]]
* [[Interpretable models]]
* [[Natural language processing (NLP)]]
* [[Reinforcement learning (RL), Bandits, and Control]]
* [[Time-series analysis]]
* [[Transfer learning and Generalization]]
* [[Uncertainty quantification and Bayesian methods]]
* [[Unsupervised and Self-supervised learning]]
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