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=== Enabling low-carbon electricity ===
*[[Electricity Supply and Demand Forecasting|Electricity supplySupply and demand forecasting]]
* Improving power system optimization
*Improving system planning
*[[Accelerated Materials Science|Accelerated materials science]] for clean energy technologies
*Informing maximum power point tracking
* Optimizing variable generators
*[[Accelerated SystemScience|Accelerated planningscience for clean energy technologies]]
*[[Nuclear Fusion|AcceleratingInforming nuclear fusion science]]
=== Reducing current-system impacts ===
* Modeling power grid emissions
=== AdditionalGeneral-purpose areasapplications ===
*[[Energy Infrastructure Mapping|Energy infrastructure mapping]]
* Data collection via [[Remote Sensing|remote sensing]]
* Predictive maintenance and fault detection
*State estimation
== Background Readings ==