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TODO starting page for remote sensing

  • High-resolution RGB satellite images (for visual predictions):
    • Public
      • United States Geological Survey
      • Copernicus dataset (Sentinel satellites)
      • NASA Worldview
    • Public, but permission needed for research use
      • Google Earth
    • Commercial
      • DigitalGlobe (up to 31cm resolution)
      • Planet (up to 72cm resolution)
  • Multispectral satellite images (5-13 visible and infrared bands):
    • Public
      • Copernicus dataset (Sentinel satellites)
      • BigEarthNet dataset (Sentinel satellites)
    • Commercial
      • Digital Globe
      • Planet
  • Hyperspectral satellite images (up to a few hundred visible and infrared bands):
    • See Table 1 of this survey of hyperspectral earth observation satellites for comparisons between sources.
    • Public
      • United States Geological Survey (Hyperion data)