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* [https://cds.climate.copernicus.eu/cdsapp#!/dataset/satellite-methane?tab=overview '''Copernicus global methane data''']: Dataset on global methane emissions from 2002 onwards from the European Space Agency.
*'''[https://ampd.epa.gov/ampd/ United States Environmental Protection Agency's Air Markets Program data]''': Datasets from the US EPA's emissions trading programs. For instance, the Continuous Emissions Monitoring System dataset (also available via the EPA's [ftp://newftp.epa.gov/DMDnLoad/emissions/ FTP site]) provides hourly emissions and generation for many fossil fuel generators in the United States.
*See also: '''[[Remote Sensing Datasets|Satellite imagery datasets]]'''
=== Other ===
* '''[[Accelerated Materials Science Datasets|Accelerated materials science datasets]]:''' Datasets that may be useful for research on solar fuels, next-generation battery conducting fluids, or other accelerated materials science applications in the electricity sector.
* '''[[Remote Sensing Datasets|Satellite imagery datasets]]:''' Datasets that may be useful for applications such as power plant emissions detection, power grid mapping, solar panel mapping, etc.
* [https://www.google.com/get/sunroof/data-explorer/ '''Project Sunroof by Google''']: Detailed estimates of rooftop solar potential based on sunlight and roof space.